Well-being each day. Naturally

The complete food programme that meets the nutritional needs of your four-legged friend throughout all stages and phases of their life.

The Range

The simple ingredient of Well-being
Essentia is the line realised with few selected ingredients, wisely combined into super-tasty recipes, a perfect mix toward nutritional balance and transparency, so that you always know what you give to your cat. All the recipes are created following the rules of Respect 360, our ethical protocol we strive to adhere Respect360, to in order to ensure the integrity and well-being of people, animals and the environment. Because well-being means, first and foremost, respect for the world we live in.

The products

The response to food sensitivities
9 simple and good recipes, with on only animal protein prepared with carefully selected ingredients and an exclusive mix of natural extracts: Naturavita Complex, the mix of botanical extracts (rosemary, curcuma, cloves, citrus fruits) and yeast that help fight cell aging and stress inflammation, boosting both the activation of the immune system and cognitive functions.

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