Good for nature

The secret ingredient is respect

The well-being of our pets comes from care and respect. We welcome them into our family, focusing our attention on taking care and protecting them, starting from the little daily gestures. Because well-being comes from care and respect, generating love. And unique relationships. These are values in which we at Pet360 believe and which we try to transfer into our recipes.

Our Ingredients.
Good for Nature.


The exclusive complex designed for your dog

SYNOX3D is an exclusive combination of extracts from GMO-free plants (citrus, rosemary, cloves and turmeric) with an antioxidant potential 3.5 times higher than Vitamin E, in order to counteract the action of free radicals and cellular ageing with maximum effectiveness.


The utmost natural protection for your cat

Natura Vita Complex is an exclusive mix of botanical extracts (rosemary, turmeric, cloves and citrus) paired with yeast that help fight cell aging and stress inflammation, boosting both the activation of the immune system and cognitive functions.

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